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Somos la clase de 3ºB del IES Lauretum (Espartinas).

En este blog vamos a hablar sobre el medio ambiente, teniendo en cuenta que este año es el año de los bosques y de la química. También trataremos temas como el reciclaje, los tipos de energía, la concienciación ecológica...

Esperamos que os guste mucho el blog, que hagáis críticas constructivas, que sugiráis ideas o que se pregunten dudas.

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Hi, how are you?

We are a group of pupils of the Secondary High School Lauretum, in Espartinas (Seville).

In this blog we will talk about the environment as 2011 is the forests and chemistry's year. Also we will deal other themes, like recycling, energy types, environmental awareness...

We hope you'll like the blog, and we wait for your constructive critics and your new ideas or questions you have.

Thanks for visiting us!

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Is the energy obtained from natural sources normally inexhaustible.
Renewable energies are classified as:
-Not pollution and clean.
-Pollutions: These are derived from organic matter or biomass and can be used directly as fuel, they have the same problem as the energy produced by fuel because of its combustion emits carbon dioxide,greenhouse gas and often are more polluting because combustion is not as clean.

Types of renewable energy
-Hydropower: The potential energy accumulated in the waterfalls can be transformedinto electrical energy. Hydroelectric plants use the force of the river to start the turbines that drive electric generator.
-Solar thermal: Get the sun's energy through solar panels and converted into heat and that can satisfy needs.
-Biomass: The biomass formation from solar energy is caused by a process called photosynthesis plant.
-Solar energy: It is a source of life and origin of the majority. Adequately reflected radiation this can be transformed into other forms of energy using solar panels.
-Wind energy: Is the energy obtained from wind, using the kinetic energy produced by air currents.
-Geothermal Energy: Obtained by man through the Earth's internal heat.
-Tidal power: Because of gravitational forces between the moon and the earth and the sun that cause tides.

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