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Somos la clase de 3ºB del IES Lauretum (Espartinas).

En este blog vamos a hablar sobre el medio ambiente, teniendo en cuenta que este año es el año de los bosques y de la química. También trataremos temas como el reciclaje, los tipos de energía, la concienciación ecológica...

Esperamos que os guste mucho el blog, que hagáis críticas constructivas, que sugiráis ideas o que se pregunten dudas.

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We are a group of pupils of the Secondary High School Lauretum, in Espartinas (Seville).

In this blog we will talk about the environment as 2011 is the forests and chemistry's year. Also we will deal other themes, like recycling, energy types, environmental awareness...

We hope you'll like the blog, and we wait for your constructive critics and your new ideas or questions you have.

Thanks for visiting us!

jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

The cost of water

Is it necessary to spend so much water?
A family of four members, consume 43,2 m³ of water each month. When we wash our hands, the teeth, when we use the toilet, the washing machine, the dishwasher , the shower , etc.  we consume a large amount of water. We know that the water is a natural resource that can't be wasted, because it is scarce in the world.  In Espartinas, among all the habitants , consumed 568771,2 m³ of water each month.

· A golf course, consume  2700m³ of water by Ha each year. The golf courses consume a lot of water because the grass is poorly. The amount of water spend depends on several things, like the type of grass, the Ha , etc.
·A greenhouse, spend more or less water depending on what is growing, the weather , the temperature  and the month that is. We could say that for the melon, spent 0,5 litre/m²  each day during two months.

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